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Online Sports Science Courses

Sports science is a fascinating subject and a growing industry. Elite sporting teams and individuals are looking for ways to maximise sporting performance. Careers can be made in sports nutrition and sports psychology. Areas of employment available for people in the sports science area include the sports industry, the fitness industry, the health industry, occupational health and safety, public health, rehabilitation and education.

Our sports nutrition online course will help you to understand the nutrition needs of the athlete. Sports nutrition discusses all of the proper calories, nutrients, vitamins, fluids and supplements that an athlete needs. This course will allow you to understand the dietary strategies to help athletes reach their potential.

This sports nutrition online course is ideal for people who are looking to pursue a career in nutrition management, as a personal trainer to assist in the exercises and fitness goals, or as a sports dietician. This will teach you the real science around carbohydrate, diets, fluid intakes and the proper way to take supplements.

Another area of great interest in sports is sports psychology. It is said that much elite sport is played between the ears and sports psychologists can help athletes unlock their full potential. Our sports psychology course can help you understand the power of sports psychology.

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